Engine Control Unit MS 15.2

The MS 15.2 is an ECU for Diesel engines with up to 6 cylinders. It is developed for use with Piezo injectors from Bosch.


  • 6 injection output stages
  • For Piezo injectors
  • 60 data inputs


Engines with the following numbers of cylinders are supported:

3, 4, 5 ,6, < 3 on request

Injector type

Piezo injectors

Control strategy

Quantity based

Injection timing

2 pilot injections

1 main injection

1 post injection

Turbo boost control

Single or Bi-Turbo

Lambda measurement


Traction control


Gear cut for sequential gearbox

Speed limiter


Optional function packages available

Interface to Bosch Data Logging System

Max. vibration

Vibration profile 1 (see Appendix or www.bosch-motorsport.com)

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Aluminum housing

4 connectors in motorsport technology with high pin density, 187 pins

Vibration damped circuit boards

8 housing fixation points


210 x 199 x 36 mm

Protection Classification

IP67 to DIN 40050, Section 9, Issue 2008


1,780 g

Temperature range

-20 to 85°C

Electrical Data

Power consumption w/o inj.

Approx. 5 W at 14 V

Power consumption

Approx. 140 W at 14 V


2 inputs for thermocouple exhaust gas temperature sensors

2 lambda interfaces LSU

4 inputs for wheel speed sensors; basic design for inductive sensors

4 inputs for turbo speed sensors; basic design for inductive sensors

1 input for inductive crankshaft sensor

1 input for Hall-effect camshaft sensor

3 system inputs 0 to 5 V

13 universal inputs 0 to 5 V, fixed pull-up

27 universal inputs 0 to 5 V, switchable pull-up

3 digital inputs


6 injection power stages


12 power stages (low side)


2 power stages for lambda heater

2 H-bridges


2 sensor supplies 5 V/system use

3 sensor supplies 5 V/300 mA


3 sensor supplies 10 V/100 mA


Software Tools

Modas Sport Calibration Software


WinDarab Analysis Software

On request

Optional Functionality

Traction control SW upgrade

F 02U V00 778-01

Chassis SW upgrade

F 02U V00 779-01

Two bank hydraulic control SW upgrade

F 02U V00 949-01

Environment (not included)

Programming interface MSA-Box II

F 02U V00 327-03

Data logger C 70

F 02U V02 302-01

Display DDU 9

F 02U V02 300-02

Mating Connectors (not included)

Mating Connector I


F 02U 000 467-01

Mating Connector II


F 02U 000 468-01

Mating Connector III


F 02U 000 469-01

Mating Connector IV


F 02U 000 445-01

Piezo Specific Functions

Voltage Control


Rail pressure dependent precontrol of the voltage difference between cut off voltage and stationary actuator voltage.

Closed-loop voltage control, injector individual.

Voltage precontrol to improve dynamic behavior.

Discharging Time Control


Voltage dependent precontrol of discharging current.

Closed-loop discharging time control, injector individual.

Discharging time precontrol to improve dynamic behavior.

IVA Injector Voltage Adjustment


Determination of injector voltage demand at reference rail pressure during injector inspection in plant before IQA-measurement.

Injector assignment of voltage setpoint curves within the ECU according to injector’s IVA class.

Temperature Compensation


Determination of the temperature dependent changes of voltage demand.

Definition of a temperature dependent correction factor.

Multiplicative correction of the voltage setpoint.


3 CAN interfaces (dash, application, customer use)

2 FireWire interfaces for external communication

Installation Notes

Inspection services recommended after 110 h or 1 year, internal battery to be replaced during service.

Depending on your experiences with calibration of ECUs we recommend calibration support from Bosch Motorsport.

Please remember that the mating connectors and the programming interface MSA-Box II are not included and must be ordered separately.

Ordering Information

Engine Control Unit MS 15.2

Order number: F 01T A20 023-03

Software Options

SW Upgrade Traction Control

Order number: F 02U V00 778-01

SW Upgrade Chassis

Order number: F 02U V00 779-01

SW Upgrade Two Bank Hydraulic Control

Order number: F 02U V00 949-01