Power Steering Pump VPS15

There are many instances in motorsport where high steering load is encountered at low engine speed, such as navigating the garage or pit box exit. Traditional pumps have a ratiometric output which means the engine power at high revs is sacrificed for adequate pressure at low revs (pump must be oversized).

The Bosch Variable Displacement Power Steering Pump (VPS15) reclaims wasted power by reducing delivery margin as pump speed increases, while maintaining high fluid flow at low RPM. The VPS15 also allows for greatly reduced fluid temperatures, potentially eliminating the need for a cooler. The VPS15 can accommodate flow rates from 9 to 15 l/min with a replaceable flow screw at the pump outlet.


  • Reduced power consumption up to 50 %
  • 15 l/min flow at 10 bar
  • Maximum pressure 135 bar
  • Interchangeable valve screw allows for flow rates from 9 l/min to 15.0 l/min
  • Flexible mounting orientation


Delivery Pressure

Up to 135 bar

Delivery Volume (before controlled flow)

13 ccm/rev

Delivery Volume (controlled flow)

15 ± 0.7 l/min at 10 bar with Pentosin ATF

Pressure Limiting Valve

135 - 8 bar

Fluid Compatibility

Pentosin ATF, CHF 11s, CHF 202

Maximum Fluid Temperature (continuous)


Maximum Fluid Temperature (transient)


Recommended Speed

<4,500 RPM

Maximum Speed

9,000 RPM

Direction of rotation


Maximum Belt tension

3,000 N

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


154 mm


99 mm


151 mm


1.88 kg

Hydraulic Connections


⌀20 + 0.2 mm removable hose barb fitting


M16x1.5 mm threaded fitting with crush washer

Torque Specs

Valve Screw

65 + 5 Nm

Outlet Fitting

40 Nm max.

Flow Data
Power Consumption

Installation Notes

Please use within specified limit values only.

Low pressure (inlet fitting) is press fit into the pump and can be removed.

3 bolt flange can be removed from pump shaft.

Please find further mounting dimensions below.

Ordering Information

Power Steering Pump VPS15

Order number: F02U.V0U.339-01


Valve Screw Spare Parts

Order number: F02U.B0U.025-01