Pressure Sensor Air PSA-N

This sensor is designed to measure absolute air-pressure, especially the air box pressure of gasoline or Diesel engines.

An integrated circuit combines a piezo-resistive sensor element and electronics for signal-amplification and temperature compensation. The output of the sensor is analog.


  • Application: 0.1 to 1.15 bar
  • Response time: 0.1 ms
  • Pressure reference type: Absolute
  • Power supply: 11 to 16 V
  • Weight: 21 g



0.1 to 1.15 bar

Pressure reference type


Max. pressure

5 bar

Operating temp. range

-40 to 125°C

Media temp. range

-40 to 125°C

Storage temp. range

-40 to 130°C

Max. vibration

0.19 mm at 100 to 200 Hz
250 m/s2 at 200 to 500 Hz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


2 x #4-40 screws


Flat O-ring boss

Weight w/o wire

21 g


O-ring 4.5 x 1.5 mm

Electrical Data

Power supply US

11 to 16 V

Full scale output UA

0.5 to 4.7 V

Typical current IS

9 mA


Response time T10/90

1.0 ms

Compensated range

10 to 85°C

Tolerance (FS)

± 0.016 bar

Tolerance (FS)

± 1.52 %


4,041.62 mV/bar


-4.16 mV


Expansion of Tolerance


Connectors and Wires


ASL 6-06-05PC-HE

Mating connector
ASL 0-06-05SC-HE

F 02U 000 228-01

Pin 1


Pin 2


Pin 3


Pin 4


Pin 5


Various motorsport and automotive connectors are available on request.



Wire size

AWG 24

Wire length L

64.5 cm

Installation Notes

The PSA-N is designed for engines using ROZ95, ROZ98, M15, E22 and Diesel.

The sensor can be connected directly to most control units.

To avoid noise, an ECU-input circuit with a RC-low pass filter (tau 0 2 ms) is recommended.

Use engine oil (5W40) as O-Ring grease (no silicone based grease).

Avoid miss-pinning (max. 5 minutes at I = 0.3 A).

Surface finish of the mounting surface should not exceed 0.8 micro meters RMS.

Surface flatness tolerance at sensor mount interface must not exceed +/- 0.025 mm after sensor is torqued in place.

Please find further application hints in the offer drawing and free download of the sensor configuration file (*.sdf) for the Bosch Data Logging System at our homepage.


Safety Note

The sensor is not intended to be used for safety related applications without appropriate measures for signal validation in the application system.

Ordering Information

Pressure Sensor Air PSA-N

Order number: F 02U V0U 197-02