Rotary Position Sensor Mini-RP 100-M

This sensor is designed to measure rotational movement, e.g. throttle angle or spring travel.

A throttle rotation moves an internal slider (wiper) on a resistive element which is supplied with voltage. Thus voltage proportional to the angle can be measured. The housing and the bearings are made of high temperature resistant plastic. The mounting plate is protected with a metal cover to ensure a good fixation. The sensor is fitted in a shrink down boot for additional protection.

The main benefit of this sensor is the combination of high accuracy, motorsport spec connection and a very small and robust aluminum housing.


  • Application: 0 to 100°
  • Technology: Linear tape
  • Rotating direction: Anticlockwise
  • Output signal: 0.05 to 4.95 V



0 to 100°

Operating temperature range

-55 to 125°C

Storage temperature range

0 to 100°C

Max. vibration

200 m/s2 at 5 to 2,000 Hz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Weight w/o wire

32 g

Protection class



2 x M4


50 x 106 rotations


Aluminum alloy

Electrical Data

Power supply US

5 V

Max. power supply

<15 V

Total resistance

1.5 kOhm ± 20%

Current Is

1 μA

Max. allowable contact current

1 mA


Max. rotation speed

120 min-1

Temp. coefficient

5 ppm/°K

Direction of rotation


Both rotation directions are available on request.

Connectors and Wires


ASL 6-06-05PA-HE

Connector loom

ASL 0-06-05SA-HE

Pin 1 (A)


Pin 2 (B)


Pin 3 (C)


Pin 4 (D)


Pin 5 (E)




Wire size

AWG 24

Wire length L

16 to 30 cm

Various motorsport and automotive connectors are available on request.

Please specify the required wire length with your order.

Installation Notes

The products of the RP series can be connected directly to most control units.

The sensor has no internal mechanical stops.

Each mounting orientation is possible.

The sensor meets all EMV, EMC and ESD automotive standards.

Both rotation directions and other rotation angles available on request.

Please find further application hints in the offer drawing and free download of the sensor configuration file (*.sdf) for the Bosch Data Logging System at our homepage.

Safety Note

The sensor is not intended to be used for safety related applications without appropriate measures for signal validation in the application system.

Ordering Information

Rotary Position Sensor Mini-RP 100-M

Order number: B 261 209 587-01