Injection Power Stage HPI 5-M 4C

The injector power stage HPI 5-M 4C is a device for driving injectors and high pressure pumps for gasoline direct injection. Combined with a suitable ECU up to 4 injectors can be driven. Overlapping injection of injectors is possible. The HPI 5-M is mainly designed to drive the Bosch high pressure pump HDP 5. Communication between main ECU and the HPI 5-M is realized via CAN interface.


  • Max. 4 cylinders
  • Max. 15,000 rpm (4 cyl. operation)
  • 400 g


Max. number of cylinders


Max. rpm (4 cyl. operation)


Optimized for Bosch high pressure injection valve HDEV 5 and Bosch high pressure pump HDP 5

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Aluminum housing

Each connector pin individually filtered

Housing temperature

-25 to 100°C

Size (incl. connectors)

167 x 97 x 39 mm

Protection Classification

IP67 to DIN 40050, Section 9, Issue 2008


400 g

Electrical Data

Voltage supply

14 V

Operating voltage

12 to 16 V

Operation voltage (engine start)

6.5 to 16 V

Nominal voltage

14 V

Connectors and Wires

Mating connector

AS 616-26SN


1 CAN (1 Mbaud)


Ordering Information

Injection Power Stage HPI 5-M 4C

Order number: F 02U V01 629-01