Speed Sensor Hall-Effect HA-N

This sensor is designed for incremental measurement of rotational speed (e.g. camshaft, crankshaft or wheel speed). Due to the rotation of a ferromagnetic target wheel in front of the HA-N, the magnetic field is modulated at the place of the Hall probe. A Hall-effect sensor element with integrated signal conditioning circuit detects this change and generates a digital output signal.

The HA-N combines a robust sensing element with a lightweight aluminum housing that is well suited for motorsport use. The sensor element used was specifically selected for its resistance to demagnetization at high temperatures and is programmed for an active low output. This sensor element is approved for NASCAR competition as a camshaft speed sensor.



  • Max. frequency: ≤ 4.2 kHz
  • Air gap: 0.4 to 1.5 mm
  • Bore diameter: 10 mm
  • Max. vibration: 1,200 m/s² at 10 Hz to 2 kHz
  • Weight w/o wire: 8 g



Rotational speed

Max. frequency

≤ 4.2 kHz

Target wheel air gap AG

0.5 to 1.5 mm

Temperature range

-40 to 160°C

Output circuit

Open collector for 1 kOhm

Output type

Active low

External magnetic fields

< 1 mT

Max. vibration

1,200 m/s2 at 10 Hz to 2 kHz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Weight w/ wire

13 g w/ 254 mm cable length and AS connector

28.5 g w/ 1,000 mm cable length flying lead

Bore diameter

10 mm

Installation depth L2

14 mm

Tightening torque

6 Nm

Electrical Data

Power supply

5 to 18 V

Current IS

5.6 to 18 mA


Accuracy repeatability of the falling edge tooth

<4 % (≤ 4.2 kHz)

Signal output

0.52 V to VS

Connectors and Wires

Sensor AS connector




Mating connector


Pin 1


Pin 2


Pin 3


Pin 4

Not used

Pin 5

Not used

Shrink sleeve


Wire size

AWG 24

Wire length L

254 mm

Sensor Flying lead








Shrink sleeve


Wire size

AWG 24

Wire length L

1,000 mm

Installation Notes

The HA-N can be directly connected to most control units and data logging systems.

If a trigger wheel with different dimensions is used (see Environment), the technical function must be tested.

Safety Note

The sensor is not intended to be used for safety related applications without appropriate measures for signal validation in the application system.

Ordering Information

Speed Sensor Hall-Effect HA-N

Sensor AS connector

Order number: F02U.V0U.714-01

Speed Sensor Hall-Effect HA-N

Sensor Flying lead

Order number: F02U.V0U.714-90


Sensor AS connector
Sensor Flying lead



Legal Restrictions

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.