Customer Code Area CCA

Bosch provides the option to run software code on Bosch ECUs that has been developed by our customers. This code is run in the customer code area (CCA) and is protected against access of anyone else. Within the engine ECU families MS 6 and MS 7 this feature can be run in parallel to all engine ECU functionality.

We deliver it with a full environment for Matlab/Simulink, a compiled Bosch Motorsport model as library and a package of Matlab/Simulink interfaces to all I/Os.


  • Calculation directly in Bosch main ECU possible
  • Communication binding via Software free cuts
  • Unlimited bandwidth interfaces
  • One Box Design (compact solution, no extra weight)

Technical Specifications

General Functions

Support for generating executables that include algorithm, device-driver and real-time operating system

Multitasking scheduling using time synchronous (and asynchronous) tasks, task pre-emption and temporary task overruns

Environment for Matlab/Simulink

Full I/O access with Bosch-Motorsport device drivers

Full read access to all Bosch signals

Development environment with reduced Bosch “unit_blockset”

Real time calibration

Calibration and measurement interface CCP via CAN or XCP via Ethernet

SW-Download via Bosch Motorsport calibration tool RaceCon

Software option for all MS 6.x, MS 7.x

Required and not included Software

MathWorks Requirements



MATLAB R2015, 64 bit




Real-Time Workshop


Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder


Fixed-Point Toolbox


Simulink Fixed-Point




Stateflow Coder


Vehicle Network Toolbox




Wind River

Recommended Operation System Windows 10

Development Hints

Depending on your experiences with SW-Development of Bosch Motorsport ECUs we recommend SW-Development support from Bosch Motorsport.

Ordering Information

Customer Code Area CCA

Onetime payment for development environment and first .pst will be offered on request.

Order number: on request


Hardware upgrade for CCA per device for MS 6.x, MS 7.x

Order number: F02U.V02.137-01

Hardware upgrade for CCA per device for C 65

Order number: on request