µLC Test System

The new and modern hardware-in-the-loop test system µLC Test System is suitable for mobile application, measuring a compact 17 x 11 x 6 cm. Initial test setup typically takes under ten minutes, since the system allows for a simple test setup.

It is a compact open-loop test system for quality assurance of control unit development and combines the simulation of all typical automotive sensors and communication protocols in one unit. Its interface is user-friendly and enables an easy operation and evaluation.

The µLC Test System is especially used for automotive control units with typical interfaces for sensors and bus systems such as analog/digital inputs and outputs, PWM signals, SENT, CAN, LIN and speed sensors.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Functions can be extended with Expansion Boards
  • Prepared for test automation
  • Favorable test setup, consuming low space
  • Simulation of typical automotive interfaces combined in one unit


Engine Speed Simulation

  • Up to 20,000 rpm
  • Supported sensors: Hall, inductive, DG23i, TL4953
  • Up to 2 crankshafts, up to 4 camshafts
    • each is independently configurable
    • auxiliary shaft
    • -180 to 180° camshaft adjustment
  • Oscilloscope trigger signal for easier monitoring
  • Error simulation for engine position management EPM

Vehicle Busses

  • 2 * CAN, up to 1 MBit/s,
    switchable 120 Ohm CAN bus terminator
  • LIN Master/Slave
  • SENT, full J2716 Jan. 2012 standard
    4 Outputs, alternative to PWM output

Analog Interfaces

  • 8 * 10 bit DAC 0 to 5 V, max. 5 mA
    Internal or external supply
  • 4 * 12 bit DAC 0 to 5 V, max. 5 mA
  • 6 * 12 bit ADC 0 to 40 V, GND reference

Digital Interfaces

  • 6 * Digital Out, max. 200 mA in total
    Output modes: Ground, 12 V, High impedance
  • 2 * Relays, max. 10 A, separate ECU power supply possible and incl. main relay sensing
  • 2 * PWM input, 1 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 4 * PWM output, max. 90 mA in total,
    0.1 Hz to 20 kHz
    Output voltages: 12 V, 5 V, GND
  • Complex PWM with sub signals, each separately adjustable in frequency, duty cycle and pulse count

Additional Features

  • Throttle body simulation
  • Cylinder pressure simulation
    • Up to 8 cylinders with one device
    • Expandable with multiple devices
  • USB connection completely galvanic decoupled
  • All in- and outputs short-circuit protected and ESD protected
  • EMC tested
  • Expansion boards for additional HW features
  • Multi device support with sync option for engine speed signals

Test Setup

Note: Calculation intensive modules like cylinder pressure simulation can cause a limitation of e.g. the max. engine speed.

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage

12 V DC

Current consumption

typ. < 1 A

ECU voltage

12 V / 24 V DC

ECU current

10 A

Permissible operation temperature

0 to 40°C

Housing material



175 x 107 x 61 mm


690 g

The screenshot shows the MicroLC Software with analog outputs, crank-/ camshaft, RPM and complex PWM.

Update and Support Subscription

  • Free in the first year of use, chargeable from the second year

Ordering Information

µLC Test System

Order number: F02U.V02.303-02

Software Options

Update and Support Subscription

Order number: F02U.V02.838-01


Expansion Board CAN-FD

Order number: F02U.V03.095-01

Expansion Board Current Loop Interface

Order number: F02U.V02.889-01

Expansion Board Digital Multichannel Pot.

Order number: F02U.V03.129-01

Expansion Board Digital Outputs

Order number: F02U.V02.904-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.